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Knetbooks Review: Low Prices But Might Not Be The Best Option

Knetbooks Review: Low Prices But Might Not Be The Best Option

Knetbooks Review

Looking for a textbook rental site that offers tons of options and low prices?

With low prices and a huge array of options, Knetbooks looks like a great option. Unfortunately, a stringent return policy (and high late fees) makes Knetbooks one of the last textbook rental companies you should consider using in our opinion. 

Here’s what you need to know about Knetbooks.

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  • Low prices for textbooks and rentals
  • Free shipping both ways
  • Strict return policy and high late fees

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Knetbooks Textbook Rental Basics
Fine Print Warning: You Might Not Rent Everything You Need
Can You Find Better Deals?

Knetbooks Textbook Rental Basics

Knetbooks is a basic textbook rental site. Students can look up books via title, author or ISBN, and add books to their carts. All books from Knetbooks are shipped for free (in both directions), so the price you pay up front is the price you get.

All books from Knetbooks come with a 25 day refund guarantee, except for short-term rentals which must be received within 15 days to qualify for the refund guarantee.

The big downside to Knetbooks is its draconian return policy. According to the rental agreement, Knetbooks can charge you the full purchase price of the book (less any rental fees you’ve already paid) if they don’t receive the book on its due date. In practice, they’ll charge half the book price if the book comes within 15 days of its due date.

Better, but still pretty rough compared to other rental sites.

How Long Do Textbooks Rentals Last?

Renters get to choose their rental period ranging from a semester (93 days), a quarter (79 days), and a short term rental (58 days). Although its possible to extend book rentals, these strike me as very short term rentals. Most college semesters last longer than 93 days when you include finals, so many students will need to extend their rental period.

Can I Write In The Textbook?

Knetbooks allows highlighting in its books, but discourages renters from writing in the book. The company reserves the right to charge you the full price of the book if you highlight more than one-third of the book, or if you write too much in the margins.

Can I Get An Extension?

You can extend your rental for 15, 30, 60, 90 or 130 days from your original due date. You will need to pay a fee, to extend your rental. With the shorter than average rental periods, borrowers should plan to extend rental, and will need to bake the added price into their fees.

Do They Offer Free Shipping?

Knetbooks offers free shipping on all orders. When it’s time for you to return your textbook, you’ll simply print off the return label and ship it back.

What Happens If The Book Is Late?

Knetbooks has one of the least generous book return policies. Technically, if a book is late, the company can immediately charge you the full price of the books. In practice, Knetbooks appears to require users to only pay 50% of the buy back price if it receives the book within 15 days (according to these Trust Pilot reviews).

Unless you’re absolutely certain you can return the book on time, it doesn’t make sense to rent from Knetbooks.

What Happens If The Book Is Damaged?

If a book is damaged beyond repair, including too much highlighting or writing, Knetbooks will charge you the full purchase price of the book, less any fees you’ve already been charged.

What Is The Return Policy?

Rentals that are returned for a refund must be received in the Knetbooks warehouse within 25 days of the original ship date. For short-term rentals, items must be received within 15 days of the ship date. All other returns pay the full rental fee.

Fine Print Warning: You Might Not Rent Everything You Need

One issue that often comes up when renting textbooks is the lack of supplemental material. Like most other rental companies, Knetbook does not guarantee access to these materials, even if the book title includes information about CDs or other materials. Be sure to ask your professor about supplemental materials before opting to rent from Knetbooks or any other rental site.

Can You Find Better Deals?

At face value, Knetbooks offers rates that are on par with sites like Campus Book Rentals and Amazon Textbook Rentals. 

Unfortunately, the return policy, short rental window, and wide number of complaints make Knetbooks look like a bad deal clothed in low prices. Until Knetbooks changes its late return policy (and updates its rental window), student should probably stay away.

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Author: Robert Farrington